Clean and quiet Ranger Electric performance

Polaris is leading the way with its industry leading range of 30 models with certified rollover protection structures (ROPS).

Polaris has you covered with more choices including petrol, electric and diesel with seating options between two and six. 


The Ranger Electric Vehicle (EV) feature an ultra-quiet single 48-volt, high efficiency, AC-induction motor to go with the hardest working, smoothest riding Ranger performance. This environmentally friendly off-road vehicle is perfect for operating on a vast majority of terrain, with on demand true all-wheel-drive capabilities, which includes the Versa-trac turf mode option to look after the terrain that the Ranger is driven on. 


No longer requiring petrol to operate means that these zero-emissions model requires very little maintenance and can even be used indoor or underground in mines. Perfectly equipped standard with 227-kilogram capacity dump box, the Ranger EV caters for multiple tasked making life easier for those on the job. 

Posting a vehicle size of 279 by 147 by 185 centimeters, this off-road vehicle stacks up as an ultimate choice corporate, government and the hunting sector. 

Ranger EV

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