In an effort to further encourage positive safety practices in the use of off-road vehicles, Polaris has announced it will be providing two free helmets with every Polaris Ranger Side by Side vehicle sold.

The helmets, which are valued at $99.00 each, will be provided free-of-charge on an ongoing and indefinite basis from June 1st 2020. 


Whilst Polaris has offered free helmets on its full range of youth products for many years, this will now be extended to its market-leading line-up of Ranger utility Side by Side vehicles.  Whilst Polaris recently announced it will be withdrawing from the ATV (quad bike) market prior to October 2020 when the Consumer Goods (Quad Bikes) Safety Standard 2019 takes effect, the company will also be providing a free helmet with every adult ATV sold until this time. 


The use of appropriate motor vehicle helmets is universally agreed by the industry, government bodies and health experts alike to dramatically reduce the risk of serious injury when operating off-road vehicles.  The helmets are approved to the Australian/NZ Standard 1698 (Protective helmets for vehicle users) and are designed to be practical for use by Polaris’ core agricultural customer base. Polaris warns consumers against using AS/NZS 3838-2006 Equestrian standard helmets which were never designed for use with motor vehicles and are not recognized by any road traffic authority, but are being promoted in some areas.


Polaris is conscious of the need for practicality for Australian farmers and has invested significant time and development into sourcing a fully-compliant, short profile, open-faced helmet designed to minimize discomfort or inconvenience in farming applications.  The helmets are cutaway above the ears for better hearing and ventilation and come with a snap-on sun visor and easy to use quick release latch system. Each helmet also comes with a spare washable and replaceable helmet liner so a clean liner can be quickly and easily swapped-in if the existing liner becomes wet or soiled. An accessory clip on wide brim will also be available soon.


“Over recent years, the off-road vehicle market has seen an enormous transition as customers have moved en masse from ATVs to Side by Side vehicles, with one of the key factors being the enhanced safety features and technology offered on Side by Sides,” said Alan Collins, Managing Director of Polaris Australia & New Zealand.


“However, it is crucial to note that for these safety features to be effective, they need to be used as designed and in conjunction with personal protective equipment such as helmets.  Ensuring the driver and passenger/s are always wearing seatbelts and helmets are crucial steps in the safe and responsible use of Side by Sides.”  


Polaris strongly believes that providing suitable vehicle helmets free-of-charge will dramatically increase the rate of helmet use with off-road vehicle users, particularly on Australian farms.


“Our very strong recommendation as a manufacturer is that helmet use is absolutely essential on all Polaris products, whether that be an ATV, a Side by Side or one of our youth products,” Collins said.


“We believe that providing helmets which are suitable for farming applications, free-of-charge and without any further effort from the customer, will only increase the likelihood of helmets actually being worn, particularly on our Australian farms.


“We implore off-road vehicle users to always wear an appropriate helmet, always use the vehicle within manufacturers recommendations, and always wear seat belts and use side nets/doors if operating a Side by Side.”


The free helmets will be provided to Polaris Ranger customers by their Polaris dealer at the time of purchase.  A range of sizes will be available at Polaris dealers, and dealers will also have additional helmets available for purchase if needed for family, friends or staff members.

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